PetLondon x Jasper

Hello! Sorry for my absence on here, I've had a manic month! Firstly, let me introduce you to Jasper!! He is my new blue french bulldog and he is currently 9 weeks old and weighs 6lbs. Unfortunately he was sick for the first week I had him, he had two parasites and so now he is on antibiotics - but he finishes them in a few days and he will be all better. 

I was lucky enough to work with PetLondon for Jasper's arrival, and they put together a wonderful puppy package for me. I am over the moon with the products, and so is Jasper. Let's start off with the toys, so puppies chew a lot, everything from your toes to their crate. Luckily he has the Big Rope bone - he seems to really like rope toys and I can only assume this is because of teething, it gives him something to really gnaw on. Of course the Union Jack bone is just amazing because living in New York I have to show my patriotism (Woo England!) - I really want this bone to last so he has limited access to it while he is trying to rip everything apart!

Next, the clothing! The Crest Shirt is brilliant, however he has to grow into it, so give him a couple of weeks and he will be dining at night with me in his smart collared shirt. So if you are like me and like to be suited & booted and polished at all times this get up is perfect for your pooch. But until he grows into the shirt, PetLondon also gave me a Bow-Tie collar so while he is growing into the shirt he can sport the wonderful bow-tie - it's just too cute. 

Travel bowl, I really cant stress enough how important it is to make sure your puppy is hydrated. I am currently in Florida and it's HOT. But New York summers are HOT. This bowl is attached to me whenever Jasper goes on an adventure, he loves it-  but it also doubles as a chew toy! He's started to nibble on the edges when we go out, which I am fine with - better than him trying to eat rocks off the floor. This bowl will come in handy for anyone who is an avid traveller, like myself. I can't wait to pop it up in the airport for him to use next month. 

For anyone thinking of buying a puppy, or who has recently bought a puppy I would highly recommend you start out at PetLondon to spoil your little monster.