Ios - Greece

So this September, as you might have seen from my Instagram, I spent the entire month in a wonderful little island called Ios, between Santorini and Mykonos. No, the island is not called Los, it is Ios, with an i. So in the height of summer this island's absolutely buzzing, clubs that fill up with 2000+ people. I am assuming it can be comparable to Ibiza, but I have yet to experience it in the season! Stay tuned for 2018. 

Wearing one of my own brand T-Shirts, featuring Jasper my frenchie! They'll be ready for purchase soon!

Wearing one of my own brand T-Shirts, featuring Jasper my frenchie! They'll be ready for purchase soon!

I spent my time at the Relux hotel, right in the port of Ios. I was lucky enough to quad bike around and see the beautiful island in such a fun and unique way. Yes it might not have been the safest, but I was in a helmet and the quad bike was about as powerful as a hairdryer. 

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Thai Me Up right in the port was absolutely mind blowing! There was of course lots of gyro's restaurants all over the place. There's also a Nutella cafe in the town, and a late night restaurant called Yummy's that do chips & gravy at midnight! (If that's what you're into!). I did get to go to a great silent disco called Shush, if you've never been to one I highly recommend it! It was the most fun Ive had in a long time, everyone has the same headphones on with different channels, so the entire room is dancing to different music. As I went after closing's most of the bars had shut, there was a great cocktail bar called Lotus that was open in the town still, as well as Slammer (but... this is one more for the lads!) - They slap, or hit you as you take a shot. Bizarre concept, but somehow it works. Apparently in the height of the season there's this beach club called Far Out which is fantastic! Sadly I didn't get to experience this, so Summer 2018 - here I come! 

Sorry I can't be of much help with places to go on the island, I was so busy working on a new project - I'm sure you'll understand when you find out!

If you're looking for a hybrid of Ibiza and Mykonos, Ios would be your place!

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