Welcome Back!

Hey, so I know everyone is requesting I do YouTube makeup tutorials, but for now this will have to do! I hope you can hold on, it's as frustrating for me too! I just don't have the right quality tools to make a YouTube video for you all that would highlight my technique to a good standard, for you to all learn from! 

So I thought I would open up my blog again with a little makeup post. I am off to Dubai next week which of course I will blog about! Don't worry! And until then, I'll have some fun makeup posts up, and some posts about my wardrobe for Dubai. Summer clothes in February? Yeah, I struggled for beachwear! 

So in the caption below the photo is a link to each product I used!

I've fallen in love with Iconic's 'Stroke of Midnight Shimmer Palette. I used Highlight and Illuminate on the top of my cheek bones to highlight, and on my inner eye I used Brighten & Lift just to open up my eye. I used Glimmer & Glow as my contour, and normally I never used a contour which has Shimmer in because it doesn't always give you the depth of a cheek bone as the shine should come from the highlight rather than the contour, but I quite like the soft look it has given me! BUT it comes out strong, so becareful! Little by little! Build it up. 
As for my eyes, I used the eyeshadow over my lid, and lined it with the navy liner. It's one of my most simple looks. On the top of the lash line is the navy Dolce & Gabbana liner, I lined inside my waterline with the MAC liner.